Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Take Screenshot in Google Earth Tips

Using android you can easily capture screenshot of Google Earth and Google Map pictures and save them on your device.

The Google earth was first introduced to the world than time it was just software that you have to download in to your Computer or Laptop. Using this software you can see the images, maps of the entire world. You can check the screenshots of the specific location in 3D. Now this software is available in the form of Android app for all Android devices. The Google Earth Android app allows you to capture screenshots of any location on Google Earth. You can also share these images screenshot with your friends. You can get the screenshot image in 3D also in which all the buildings in that location you can see in 3D.

How to capture screenshot?

To capture a screenshot of Google Earth you just do the following things.

  • Select any location on Google earth that you want
  • Then Go into the “more” option in your menu
  • Then tap on the “Share” option of in the list
  • Then Google Earth app will automatically capture the screenshot of that part.
  • You can store that screenshot image part of your device, Facebook or G-Mail.

A screenshot capturing option is available in the Google Earth app but if you want a clear screenshot image of any location then you can use another app “Skitch”. The app capture very clear picture of Google map. The app is available free of cost on Google Play.

Using this app taking an image shot of the Google map is very easy. You just need to open the app then go into “draw map” option of the app select the location that you want to capture. The “Tick” option is available their just tap on it to save your screenshot image.

This is the best way to get the map of a specific location to you instead of carrying big paper maps that very difficult to handle. You can send any map of a specific location so that it will get easier for him to reach there. There are many features available in this app you just install in your Android device and enjoy. 

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